Flo Rida Interview Teaser

Interview: Han ‘Info.’ O’Connor

Stepping onto the stage armed with a guitar and his signature shades, Tramar Dillard looks every inch the superstar. Towering above the crowd, he radiates the energy and charisma of a seasoned performer; it is hard to imagine that the Florida native was only thrust into the international spotlight with the success of his hit single ‘Low’ just two years ago. Although watching the captivated crowd hang onto his every word, it is becomes immediately clear why Flo Rida is rapidly becoming one of the biggest names in the urban music world.

In spite of his confident stage persona and huge success in the past couple of years, when talking to Flo for any length of time, his humble attitude can’t help but shine through. He prefers to look at his international fame as an opportunity to go “around the world and put smiles on all [his] fans’ faces.” Completely musically inclined, he is quick to relate his experiences abroad and his musical journey to his creative process. “Being able to travel internationally just takes my mind to a whole other level; just doing mixtapes and things like that definitely gives you ammo for the albums. I listened back to my first album and compared them both, it shows that I definitely do my homework and have a passion for music.”

Often facing harsh criticism for the light-hearted content of his lyrics and his syrupy sweet hooks, many do not realise the amount of creative thought and skill that goes into producing a Flo Rida hit. A true scholar of hip hop keen to explore the art of sampling, Flo seems to have found the perfect formula for using samples to compliment his own talents, in essence taking hip hop back to its own roots. He explains, “It’s not really just me sampling the music; it’s the combination of me and the music.” Having used samples from artists as diverse as Eiffel 65 and Dead or Alive on his sophomore album ‘R.O.O.T.S.,’ Flo maintains that “It just shows the versatility, it shows that you are trying to broaden your horizons.” After all, it is quite an achievement to be able to “take something that’s already hot and make it a number 1 record.”

Look out for the full interview, coming soon to Street Cred Magazine. Flo Rida continues to discuss his newest projects, plans with Beyoncé and the best methods of contacting him direct.

© Hannah O’Connor (3threat Media)

Image: officialflo.com

Flo Rida-R.O.O.T.S [Front]


  1. cant wait for the full interview.

  2. Hey hanna, great interview so far, lookin forward to the full spread, hopefully with some great pics by me in the mag,

    keep it up.


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