Lil Wayne Rebirth Tracklist

The anticipated tracklist for Lil Wayne’s Rebirth album has today surfaced online. A full features list for the project, which will reportedly showcase several rock artists alongside Wayne, is yet to be disclosed. It has, however, reportedly been confirmed that artists like Drake, Lenny Kravitz, Travis Barker and Fall Out Boy. Interestingly, Weezy will also apparently play guitar on a number of the tracks.

The reported tracklisting for Rebirth is as follows:

1. American Star
2. Prom Queen
3. Ground Zero
4. Da Da Da
5. Paradise
6. Get A Life
7. On Fire
8. Drop The World
9. Runnin
10. One Way Trip
11. Knockout
12. The Price Is Wrong

Rebirth, which will be packaged with the Young Money camp’s We Are Young Money album, is supposedly due to hit shelves next month on December 22nd. Although many remain skeptical about the given date, as Lil Wayne is particularly notorious for his album delays.

Images: Universal Records

How 50 Cent Self Destructed

How 50 Cent Self Destructed

Hip Hop albums are just not selling like they used to, as is evident by the somewhat disappointing first-week sales of 50 Cent’s latest offering Before I Self Destruct.

Curtis ‘Interscope’ Jackson’s fourth studio album, which was projected to sell only 160,000, hardly exceeded expectations moving just 161,200 units according to Nielsen Soundscan. The figure is somewhat disappointing for 50, especially considering that he predicted first week sales of a million during a 2008 MTV interview. There are a number of excuses materialising within the Hip Hop community, although perhaps it is time to take a rather more indepth, honest and substantiated look into why BISD and other promising projects have failed to reach sales targets.

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Welcome to Wayne’s World: Anticipating Tha Carter IV

Welcome To Wayne's World: Anticipating Tha Carter IV

Recording ceaselessly, trangressing genres and constantly generating a buzz, Lil Wayne is not your average rapper; but why should we anticipate ‘Tha Carter IV?’

Hate him or love him, Lil Wayne is a hot topic and if the past few years are anything to go by, he will probably remain as such for the foreseeable future. There is little doubt that his masterwork Tha Carter III truly cemented him as one of the defining Hip Hop artists of our generation.

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Who Am I..?

“Who am I not to follow greatness?”
– Lil Wayne

Wyclef: Leading The Revolution

Just as his Toussaint L’ouverture lead the Haitian Revolution, Wyclef Jean has returned to his Hip-Hop roots with his latest EP From The Hut, From The Projects, To The Mansion to spark a musical revolution. Despite never really having left the public eye, the pioneering musician felt it was necessary to return to rhyming under an alias to reflect his current revolutionary mindframe. Introducing Toussaint St. Jean, but this does not mark an exit for Wyclef Jean, but rather a new chapter in his already fascinating story.

“Revolution is in my bloodline,” he says, before explaining how Toussaint was one of the key figures in the Revolution for Haiti. “So with the tone of the message that I would be giving when I rapped, the name automatically came to me,” he elaborates. “The EP goes back to the essence. It was important to go back to the basics and the fundamentals, because sometimes you get so big that people forget where you come from,” he adds. “I wanted people to understand that I have not forgotten Hip-Hop. I’ve not forgotten lyrics; that is very important in what I do.”

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Catskill: Kanye (Controversial New Track)

Hate it or Love it…there’s no ignoring this track by one of Hip Hop’s best kept secrets! Catskill is perhaps the most outrageous MC I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with and all (somewhat inappropriate) jokes aside, he’s a real wordsmith.

The track itself is an extremely blunt critique of popular Hip Hop culture, focusing predominently on Mr. West. Contrary to popular belief, Catskill has no problem with the superstar, stating ‘I think he’s a genius but when I think it comes down to being in society, he needs to calm the f**k down!’

Acknowledging the need to be humble despite the required level of ego to succeed in this industry, Catskill admits that it’s all about a balance of the two. Still he explains that having success is often due to ‘having that passion’ and ‘that energy,’ although unlike Kanye he says ‘you have to keep it in check a little bit.’

Whilst the song may just be the most inappropriate and offensive tracks you’ll hear this year, it is also extremely well-written and explictly condemns many of the evils within the industry today. Whether or not you agree with his method, by addressing these issues Catskill has shown real balls and personally I believe it’s only a matter of time before the industry stands up and acknowledges this talented and extremely unconventional MC.

Catskill is currently one of the top artists on Akon’s Hitlab, if you wish to see more from him then go to and vote for him.

Snoop Dogg: Malice N Wonderland


In 1993 a young Calvin Broadus released his debut album Doggystyle under the alias Snoop Doggy Dogg. The album was an instant success despite its ‘gangsta’ subject matter and lyrics laced with violence and misogyny. With a fresh, new sound and devlishly good wordplay, a Hip Hop star was born.

A lot has changed in Hip Hop since then! Sixteen years later, Snoop is preparing to release his tenth studio album Malice N Wonderland under Priority Records, a company in which he holds the executive position of Chairman. Now a successful businessman and international star, he has clearly come a long way since Doggystyle. With his renewed mainstream focus and reliance on equally commercial artists for features, however, many question just how relevant Snoop’s latest offering will be.

The anticipated tracklist for Malice N Wonderland is as follows:

1. Intro
2. I Wanna Rock (prod: Scoop DeVille)
3. 2 Minute Warning (prod:Terrace Martin)
4. 1800 (ft. Lil Jon, prod: Lil Jon)
5. Different Languages (ft. Jazmine Sullivan, prod: Teddy Riley & Scoop DeVille)
6. Gangsta Luv (ft. The-Dream, prod: The-Dream & Tricky)
7. Pronto (ft. Soulja Boy, prod: B-Don)
8. That’s Tha Homie (ft. Timbaland, prod: Timbaland & Danja)
9. Upside Down (ft. Problem & Nipsey Hussle, prod: Terrace Martin)
10. Secrets (ft. Kokane, prod: Battlecat)
11. Pimpin Ain’t EZ (ft. R. Kelly, prod: Nottz)
12. Luv Drunk (ft. The-Dream, prod: The-Dream & Tricky)
13. World of a Gangsta (ft. The Game, B-Real & KRS-One, prod: DJ Premier)
14. Special (ft. Brandy & Pharrell, prod: Neptunes)
15. Outro

Malice N Wonderland is scheduled for release on December 8th 2009.

MC Lyte’s Brooklyn: Where Hip Hop & Reggae Collide

Ths is a little insight into what I am doing over at RIDDIM Magazine, especially for my English-speaking readers. Basically through my work at RIDDIM, I’m attempting to highlight how the two genres have influenced and enriched each other. Here is a short taster piece on MC Lyte’s recent venture into the Reggae/Dancehall world, which should give a good example of the work I’m doing here at RIDDIM:

MC Lyte’s Brooklyn: Where Hip Hop & Reggae Collide


Raised in Brooklyn near Rutland Road and Winthrop, veteran femcee MC Lyte has always drawn inspiration from the rich Caribbean culture that surrounded her from a young age. Argueably the most pioneering and groundbreaking female artist in Hip Hop history, her versatile and unique style has helped diversify and enrich the genre for over 20 years.Unafraid to “flip styles” and transgress the already blurred boundary between genres, Lyte decided to release ‘Brooklyn,’ a reggae-influenced ode to Caribbean cultural impact on both New York and Hip Hop itself.

The single is not her first venture into the Reggae world; in 2000 she featured on the remix of the Bob Marley’s ‘Jammin,’ bringing a little Hip Hop flavour to the classic record. Unlike on ‘Jammin,’ however, she favours a Jamaican accent throughout most of ‘Brooklyn’ and for the video takes to the streets of the borough sporting a Kingston Adidas jacket. Providing a rather vivid snapshot of her Brooklyn upbringing, in which West Indian culture was firmly embedded, Lyte states that recording the track was “like paying homage to where [she] came from and the culture that [she] grew up on.”

“Brooklyn is the West Indies,” she jokes, before explaining proudly, “that was where I was raised. That was where I was brought up. I listened to a lot of Reggae coming up, so it’s influenced me.” More specifically she describes how, “it was definitely inspiring for many years to be able to listen to Rawkus and hear all of the great artists do what they do.” The diverse musical scene has clearly played a big role in her artistic development.

In fact, listening to her more recent projects, it becomes immediately apparent that the melodic 90’s Dancehall deejaying styles have enriched Lyte’s own rhyming style. “I think I’ve become more accustomed to flow,” she explains. “The last five records, there was really a lot of attention paid to flow, but now more so than ever.” Trying to achieve a more soulful tone, she is also paying much more attention to lyricism and wordplay. “Now I’ve grown into more into somewhat of a melody, still having enough edge where I’m speaking to the people, but in a melodic way,” she elaborates.

Although she currently resides in Los Angeles, Lyte admits fondly that her heart unsuprisingly remains in the vibrant streets of Brooklyn and its rich Carribean culture, which provided such a great influence for her.

MC Lyte’s Brooklyn Video:

My German-speaking readership will be able to read the German language feature in the next edition of RIDDIM Magazine, in stores next month. Also be sure to look out for my full MC Lyte interview, coming soon to

Rihanna Full 20/20 Interview: The Lesser Evil?

Despite facing a lot of criticism for the timing of this interview, surely if it means one woman can gather the courage to leave an abusive relationship then Rihanna has actually done a world of good. For once I’m going to let someone else do the talking…so without further ado, here is the full Rihanna interview with Diane Sawyer.

Video Source: 20/20

Regardless of what you feel was her motive for doing this interview, surely the fact she did could make the world of difference to someone in a very painful situation. Personally I respect her for speaking out and even if it took a marketing campaign for her album for that to happen, I’d consider it the lesser evil.

Return of Slim Shady – Eminem’s Shadey Talez


Hip Hop superstar Eminem will be allegedly be starring in and possibly even producing a 3D Hip Hop Horror anthology named The Shadey Talez. The project will is reportedly due to be released next year, accompanied by a four-part comic book series.

Reports originally surfaced about the Horror Anthology last week and have yet to be officially confirmed by Eminem’s publicist, who originally merely stated ‘there’s been talks.’ Still thre has been much discussion of the project, which will reportedly ‘pay homage’ to cult Horror classics but retain an urban edge.

With his horror-core influenced alter-ego Slim Shady having made fewer appearances of late, it will be interesting to see the Detroit rapper embark on a darker project once again, taking a detour from the commercialism that has plagued his last few ventures.The project has been described as ‘a cross between The Twilight Zone and Creep Show.’