50 Cent Forever King Review

You have to hand it to 50 Cent; if nothing else, the man knows how to read the market. People have maintained that hip hop hasn’t been quite the same since the 1990s, so the hip hop heavyweight decided to take it back to the glory days with a number of nostalgic nineties samples on his latest mixtape.

Highlights of ‘Forever King’ include ‘Dreaming,’ which samples Christopher Williams’ 1992 hit ‘Dreamin’ from the iconic film ‘New Jack City’ and the beautifully smooth street joint ‘Get The Money.’ Moreover, the surprisingly witty lyrics of ‘Funny How Time Flies,’ provide another good reason to listen to the mixtape.

Dedicated to Michael Jackson, ‘Forever King’ marks a return to the hunger, grit and passion that Fiddy lost when he inked that Interscope deal. Granted 50 could do with fine-tuning his flow and stepping his lyrical game up a notch, but the mixtape is well worth a listen and has raised the bar when it comes to expectations for ‘Before I Self-Destruct.’

© 2009 Hannah O’Connor (3threat Media)




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