Ras Kass MTV UK Interview

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Ras Kass has once again been causing a stir in the hip-hop world with his Kickstarter project and hilarious ‘Save the Ras Kass’ campaign. The Wrap Up caught up with West Coast underground legend to discuss how you can help save an endangered lyricist today…

To read my full interview with Ras Kass just go to MTV UK’s The Wrap Up

NEW Allhiphop.com Interview: Rodney ‘Darkchild’ Jerkins –“R&B is on its Way Back!”

Read 'Rodney Jerkins: R&B is Back!'

The true definition of a super producer, Rodney ‘Darkchild’ Jerkins is the man behind some of the biggest R&B songs of the last decade. Having produced hit singles for the likes of Michael and Janet Jackson, Destiny’s Child, Jennifer Lopez, Mary J. Blige, Brandy and The Pussycat Dolls to name just a few, the industry veteran can boast more production credits and a far more impressive resume than his mere 32 years would suggest. With his latest effort, pop sensation Lady Gaga’s new Beyoncé-assisted single ‘Telephone,’ already climbing up the charts ahead of its official release, he seems to be starting this decade with just as much promise as he did the last.

Having spoken with Darkchild as he was putting the finishing touches on ‘Telephone’ for Gaga, who he praises for her “character” and writing abilities, his incredible knowledge of the music industry and love of creative experimentalism became immediately clear. It really is no wonder why this year seems destined to mark yet another chapter in his already impressive success story. “R&B is on its way back,” proclaims Jerkins passionately, his excitement clearly fueled by the plethora of the pioneering projects that he is currently working on. The genre is certainly taking a new direction and Darkchild’s musically diverse productions will undoubtedly play a major role in its development….

To read the full interview, go to: http://allhiphop.com/stories/alternatives/archive/2010/03/07/22140669.aspx

STREAM: Han O’Connor Internet Voices Radio Interview

The Passionate Internet Voices Radio interview with 3threat Media’s Han O’Connor about the Hip Hop culture and some of the outstanding independent artists in the scene can now be streamed from:


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Tapwire Magazine:

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Look out for my interview with R&B superproducer Rodney ‘Darkchild’ Jerkins COMING SOON to Allhiphop.com.

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For more information on the very talented artists mentioned during the interview, check out their websites!

The Redland –

‘Epic’ Music Video:

Web: www.theredlandmusic.com

Mike Streezy –

Web: www.mikestreezy.com

Me’Mo –


Web: www.myspace.com/memothafuture
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Stylah –


Web: www.stylah.tv
‘Young Forever’ Remix: https://3threatmedia.wordpress.com/2010/01/15/jay-z-mr-hudson-young-forever-stylah-remix/

Slickmouth –


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E-Hustle –

E Hustle

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DJ Mr President –

DJ Mr President & Jim Jones



Han O’Connor LIVE Radio Interview

3TM’s Han O’Connor will be interviewed by Internet Voices Radio host Lillian Cauldwell about the independent Hip Hop scene and some artists to look out for in future. The interview should be a good listen for any aspiring artist or true Hip Hop fan.

The interview itself will run for a half hour and will start at 5pm EST or 10pm UK Time.

Tune in at: http://www.internetvoicesradio.com/

MC Lyte Interview

Read 'MC Lyte: Still Rockin' With the Best'

Lana Moorer, better known as MC Lyte, is a Hip-Hop legend.

Straight up.

Having developed her career for over twenty years, the Brooklyn native has cemented her reputation as not only one of the pioneering female emcees but also a street anthropologist of sorts. Her intricate storytelling and undeniable presence within the game even earned her the honor of being the first female artist to be recognized by VH1’s Hip Hop Honors. Never afraid to speak her mind, Lyte’s outspoken approach has gained her nothing but respect and admiration from both peers within the industry and listeners alike. Between her Executive Vice-President position at DuBose Music Group and a number of new musical and creative projects, quitting the game is certainly the last thing on her mind; as always, she is still rockin’ with the best…

To read the full interview on Allhiphop.com, please click HERE.

Wyclef: Leading The Revolution

Just as his Toussaint L’ouverture lead the Haitian Revolution, Wyclef Jean has returned to his Hip-Hop roots with his latest EP From The Hut, From The Projects, To The Mansion to spark a musical revolution. Despite never really having left the public eye, the pioneering musician felt it was necessary to return to rhyming under an alias to reflect his current revolutionary mindframe. Introducing Toussaint St. Jean, but this does not mark an exit for Wyclef Jean, but rather a new chapter in his already fascinating story.

“Revolution is in my bloodline,” he says, before explaining how Toussaint was one of the key figures in the Revolution for Haiti. “So with the tone of the message that I would be giving when I rapped, the name automatically came to me,” he elaborates. “The EP goes back to the essence. It was important to go back to the basics and the fundamentals, because sometimes you get so big that people forget where you come from,” he adds. “I wanted people to understand that I have not forgotten Hip-Hop. I’ve not forgotten lyrics; that is very important in what I do.”

Click HERE for the full interview on Allhiphop.com

SOHH.com also decided to reference my interview in a recent news piece. To read, just click HERE.

MC Lyte’s Brooklyn: Where Hip Hop & Reggae Collide

Ths is a little insight into what I am doing over at RIDDIM Magazine, especially for my English-speaking readers. Basically through my work at RIDDIM, I’m attempting to highlight how the two genres have influenced and enriched each other. Here is a short taster piece on MC Lyte’s recent venture into the Reggae/Dancehall world, which should give a good example of the work I’m doing here at RIDDIM:

MC Lyte’s Brooklyn: Where Hip Hop & Reggae Collide


Raised in Brooklyn near Rutland Road and Winthrop, veteran femcee MC Lyte has always drawn inspiration from the rich Caribbean culture that surrounded her from a young age. Argueably the most pioneering and groundbreaking female artist in Hip Hop history, her versatile and unique style has helped diversify and enrich the genre for over 20 years.Unafraid to “flip styles” and transgress the already blurred boundary between genres, Lyte decided to release ‘Brooklyn,’ a reggae-influenced ode to Caribbean cultural impact on both New York and Hip Hop itself.

The single is not her first venture into the Reggae world; in 2000 she featured on the remix of the Bob Marley’s ‘Jammin,’ bringing a little Hip Hop flavour to the classic record. Unlike on ‘Jammin,’ however, she favours a Jamaican accent throughout most of ‘Brooklyn’ and for the video takes to the streets of the borough sporting a Kingston Adidas jacket. Providing a rather vivid snapshot of her Brooklyn upbringing, in which West Indian culture was firmly embedded, Lyte states that recording the track was “like paying homage to where [she] came from and the culture that [she] grew up on.”

“Brooklyn is the West Indies,” she jokes, before explaining proudly, “that was where I was raised. That was where I was brought up. I listened to a lot of Reggae coming up, so it’s influenced me.” More specifically she describes how, “it was definitely inspiring for many years to be able to listen to Rawkus and hear all of the great artists do what they do.” The diverse musical scene has clearly played a big role in her artistic development.

In fact, listening to her more recent projects, it becomes immediately apparent that the melodic 90’s Dancehall deejaying styles have enriched Lyte’s own rhyming style. “I think I’ve become more accustomed to flow,” she explains. “The last five records, there was really a lot of attention paid to flow, but now more so than ever.” Trying to achieve a more soulful tone, she is also paying much more attention to lyricism and wordplay. “Now I’ve grown into more into somewhat of a melody, still having enough edge where I’m speaking to the people, but in a melodic way,” she elaborates.

Although she currently resides in Los Angeles, Lyte admits fondly that her heart unsuprisingly remains in the vibrant streets of Brooklyn and its rich Carribean culture, which provided such a great influence for her.

MC Lyte’s Brooklyn Video:

My German-speaking readership will be able to read the German language feature in the next edition of RIDDIM Magazine, in stores next month. Also be sure to look out for my full MC Lyte interview, coming soon to Allhiphop.com.

Juvenile: Life After The Storm

Juvenile Interview

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On August 29th 2005 Hurricane Katrina shook New Orleans to its very core, leaving only a trail of death and destruction. Over 1,800 people tragically lost their lives during or after the storm and thousands more were displaced from their homes. Discontent with the government’s response was widespread and many were left feeling as if the administration had failed them completely. At times it seemed as if it was only the representatives of the Hip-Hop community that were willing to stand up and provide a voice for the victims of Katrina.

Juvenile, a former Cash Money Millionaire, was one of the artists in question and, who even decided to film the satirical video for his post-Katrina political critique Get Ya Hustle On in the hurricane-torn Ninth Ward.

He lost both his houses and all of his possessions during the floods, Juvenile’s last album expressed the pain felt by his whole community following the disaster. “When I did Reality Check, it was at a point in my life where I was kind of mourning Katrina, being that I am from New Orleans,” he recalls emotionally. “We went through so much down there in our city.” He explained that the whole experience left a dark shadow over his life and his work but that the project provided exactly what he promised on the cover, “a reality check not only for [him] but for everybody else in [his] city.” Although he is quick to point out that, like the people of New Orleans, he is hoping to move forward, stating “I’m not saying that my album was a mistake and it didn’t do good, I just don’t want to mourn anymore.”

Please read the full interview at:

Rival Hip Hop news site SOHH even chose to quote from my interview in a recent article:

Young Buck Interview


Over two years have now passed since Cashville’s finest Young Buck released his studio album Buck The World. When speaking to him it becomes immediately clear that he has matured during this time, perhaps unsurprisingly after having to overcome a number of career obstacles throughout this turbulent period. Following the constant stream of rumors circulated by a number of media outlets, Buck wants to move past any negative preconceptions but not before setting the record straight regarding several matters with AllHipHop.com, as he acknowledges that to avoid certain subjects would be to ignore the proverbial elephant in the room.

Having clearly learned a lot from his experience in the industry so far, Buck explains how his separation from Hip-Hop supergroup G-Unit has encouraged him to become “more focused” as a businessman, “paying more attention to the moves that [he] makes as an artist and as a CEO.” Following the aftermath of the situation, he now realizes that when you are in the public eye, you have to be a little more careful with the course of action you take…

For the full interview with Young Buck, just visit Allhiphop.com

SOHH also decided to quote from my interview in a recent news piece. To read, you can go to http://www.sohh.com/2009/11/50_cent_released_mobb_deep_from_g-unit_r.html

Young Buck Allhiphop Interview Teaser

Look out for Info’s interview with Buck, coming soon to allhiphop.com.

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