3TM Year In Review: Independent 3threat of 2009 – Mike Streezy

Mike Streezy is not a rapper. Mike Streezy is a true Hip Hop scholar and an inspiration to all aspiring artists within the urban music industry. Whilst he did not achieve platinum record sales or superstar collaborations in 2009, the unconventional Arkansas MC gained nothing but respect and admiration from his peers on both a local and international level for his indestructable work ethic and unwillingness to conform to industry norms.

Following the release of his latest studio album Pleasure & Pain in Summer 2009, which really could be considered more an anthology of universal truths than a mere release, Streezy cemented his reputation as a storyteller and a diverse lyricist. The album provided a valuable lesson in resourcefulness and self-reliance for any independent artist.

Streezy’s remarkable progression as an artist throughout this year is a tribute to his incredibly hard-working nature and also his willingness to expand and perfect his skills. His latest mixtape also provided a number of talented Arkansas artists a platform to showcase their work and sent a much-needed signal of unity, which sadly the game seems to largely be lacking today.

Mike Streezy has had a phenomenal year and shown more improvement and artistic development than any other artist I have worked with this year. His ambition, creativity and drive know no boundaries and I for one am incredibly proud of his progression throughout 2009. Expect nothing short of great things for this man in 2010, as he will surely deliver.

3TM Featured Artist November 2009: DJ Mr President


Prez's Groundbreaking Roc Raida Tribute Flyer

DJ Mr President is a 3threat!

Having spent the best part of two decades perfecting the art of DJing and working with some of the biggest names in Hip Hop, it would be unfair to describe New York native DJ Mr President as anything other than a true artist and hip hop scholar. Prez has a genuine passion for Hip Hop culture and has developed his own unique style by closely studying pioneering contributors to the genre.

Versatile, focused and experienced, DJ Mr President is a rare breed in the urban music today. Working hard to promote lyrical and reflective Hip Hop with his mixtapes and diverse range of other projects, Prez is a shining example of exactly what the culture is lacking.

Demonstrating his characteristic passion and determination, upon hearing about the death of Roc Raida, last month Prez embarked on a groundbreaking tribute. In a selfless and humbling act of respect, the veteran turntablist decided to man the decks for no less than 24 hours non-stop in memory of the pioneering DJ. He also streamed the entire event live online so Roc Raida fans could tune in and join the tribute.

Like his current namesake, Prez’s charisma and determination are unmatched by his peers. In short, what Obama is to Politics, DJ Mr President is to Hip Hop culture, providing a much-needed hope for change within the genre. Many young DJs could stand to learn an awful lot from Prez’s unrivaled passion for turntablism, humble outlook and his outstanding contribution to our genre.

For more information about DJ Mr President and his work, just go to www.djmrpresident.com or follow him on Twitter (@DJMRPRESIDENT).

3TM October 2009 Featured Artist: Mike Streezy

mike strong


Despite his colourful past, Mike Strong is no gangster. Representing Little Rock, Arkansas, the man affectionately known as Mike Streezy to his fans hardly fits the stereotypical image of a rapper. Perhaps this is because he is far more concerned with returning to the actual music than concentrating on his image. Claiming to be ‘done with’ the gimmicks and clichés that often seem to go hand in hand with Hip Hop, Mike considers himself an author.

Conveying true human emotions and addressing real issues, the forthcoming album ‘Pleasure and Pain’ is almost as much a cinematic experience as a musical one, depicting a range of timeless characters and stories that people can really relate to. By focusing on the lyrical elements of his music, Mike is able to discuss a number of topics from dealing with loss or illness to the simple joys of falling in love.  The album, which features a diverse range of tracks including the haunting ‘Writing You a Letter’ and the light-hearted ‘She’s So fresh,’ marks the return of lyrical Hip Hop.

Good music can evoke a number of emotions and listening to Mike Streezy certainly conjures up a range of feelings from pain and despair to hope and inspiration.  A true lyricist, Mike’s music appeals to the contrary sides of our personalities and provides a cathartic insight into all aspects of our lives. Stating ‘I’m not here to be 2pac, Kud Cudi or Kanye,’ Mike Streezy is going to do things his way and if it has any sense the industry is going to take note.

‘Pleasure and Pain’ is out now!

Look out for the new mixtape single ‘Take It Back’ on www.mikestreezy.com.


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