Return of Slim Shady – Eminem’s Shadey Talez


Hip Hop superstar Eminem will be allegedly be starring in and possibly even producing a 3D Hip Hop Horror anthology named The Shadey Talez. The project will is reportedly due to be released next year, accompanied by a four-part comic book series.

Reports originally surfaced about the Horror Anthology last week and have yet to be officially confirmed by Eminem’s publicist, who originally merely stated ‘there’s been talks.’ Still thre has been much discussion of the project, which will reportedly ‘pay homage’ to cult Horror classics but retain an urban edge.

With his horror-core influenced alter-ego Slim Shady having made fewer appearances of late, it will be interesting to see the Detroit rapper embark on a darker project once again, taking a detour from the commercialism that has plagued his last few ventures.The project has been described as ‘a cross between The Twilight Zone and Creep Show.’

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