50 Cent to release Tany Yayo & Lloyd Banks’ albums independently

Tony Yayo has announced that he and fellow G-Unit member Lloyd Banks will both be releasing projects independently this summer. 50 Cent’s right-hand men are no longer signed to their major label deal with Interscope, but remain part of G-Unit.

‘Everybody all knows, me and Banks are not on Interscope anymore. We’re not on a major anymore. Me and Banks are dropping two albums in the summer independently, through a deal that 50 is conjuring up for us. It feels good to know that I have no red tape put on anything,’ Yayo explained in a recent interview. ‘If I had to deal with Interscope, I’d have to deal with the label and they’d have to sign off. Now I can do what I want. It’s exciting to work with new guys. Some of these kids shooting video are [teenagers]. It’s new energy. A lot of these labels need new energy – people who are willing to bust they butt, go in and do what they’ve got to do.’

He also recently explained to DJ Green Lantern that if he were still with Interscope, then he would have to wait due to the ‘long process’ of putting his material out there through a major label. ‘I felt it’s time for me to go somewhere where it’s not biased and I get a fair shot,’ clarified the Queens rapper, whose real name is Marvin Bernard. It seems that even successful artists within Hip Hop often tend to get overlooked or under-promoted by major labels in favour of their more cross-over friendly counterparts.

Tony Yayo’s latest solo effort Gunpowder Guru, a digital album which was released at the beginning of the month, is currently available for download on iTunes and Amazon. Yayo, who is of Haitian origin, has also recently been involved in the aid efforts following the earthquake that struck the country last month.

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