3TM Year In Review – Man of the Year 2009: Kanye West

Perhaps the most controversial choice for Man of the Year 2009, super-producer turned rapper (turned singer) Kanye West has had quite a journey in the past 12 months. Following his cross-over success with the experimental 808s & Heartbreak, 2009 marked a return from his venture into Auto-Tune supplying quality verses to several significant Hip Hop tracks, perhaps most notably Jay-Z’s ego-driven anthem ‘Run This Town.’

It wasn’t West’s music, however, that made Kanye stand out in 2009 but rather his now infamous outburst at the MTV Video Awards, in which he interrupted teenage singer Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech. This incident – not his first award ceremony tantrum – quickly made him the most hated man in the music industry and the biggest asshole in Hip Hop. Whilst it may be argued that West was merely displaying his characteristic passion for music, many felt that he had gone a step too far this time.


Choosing to remain relatively low profile after the media onslaught that followed this episode, West pulled out of his highly-anticipated tour with pop sensation Lady Gaga and practically disappearing from the limelight for some time. During this brief hiatus, West did manage to release his controversial short film We Were Once A Fairytale, which provides an intriguing and slightly disturbing look into his psyche and battle to come to terms with his own fame and shortcomings.

Love him or hate him, it must be said that no other rapper has sparked debate, laughter or outrage quite like ‘Ye. Regardless of how he made you feel, chances are he made you feel something and frankly an artist is supposed to provoke thoughts and stir emotions, although that being said it is usually with their work rather than their actions! So, for his display of sheer audacity and unprecedented ego, the 2009 3TM award for Man of the Year goes to the one and only Kanye West – let’s just hope Taylor Swift doesn’t choose spoil his moment….revenge is sweet after all.

Video: Catskill – Kanye


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