REVIEW: Mike Streezy & The A-State All-Stars present… United We Stand Vol. 1

Available for download now

When you think of Hip Hop cultural hubs within the South, Little Rock rarely springs to mind, which put simply is a shame because there is currently a plethora of talent emerging from the state of Arkansas. Whilst the South has generally been synonymous with dance music, the A-State is producing material laced with authenticity and grittiness.

Highlights include the aptly named boundary-stretching anthem ‘Push It to the Limit,’ featuring Epiphany and the 607-assisted alternative ballad dedicated to Streezy’s true love, ‘Married to the Game.’

Perhaps most notably, the project serves to both showcase and unite a number of upcoming talents from Arkansas, therefore providing great hope for the red-hot scene that is currently ready to erupt onto the mainstream Hip Hop landscape – and quite deservedly so. This truly is Southern Hip Hop in its purest form, uncorrupted by dance trends or falsities, which sadly seems a novel characteristic these days.

While the release may be a little rough around the edges in part, its rawness merely adds to the charm and perfectly mirrors the progression and development of the exciting scene in Little Rock. ‘United We Stand also serves as a fitting tribute to Streezy’s growth and development as an artist. This project takes Southern Hip Hop back to the basics, stripping away the bullshit to return to the experimental core of the genre; frankly it was about time someone did!

Available for download HERE

3threat Rating: 4/5 (Because the tape is flawed but that being said, imperfection is a fundamental human trait – a very impressive and engaging release).

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  1. Lyrics and beats. Gotta say the basic drums on If your ready made an old head like me smile. Who doesn’t have moments of Regret? But Jocking My Style is a joint that might get your ass whipped. Thats 3-6 and Lil John fight club type stuff. Needless to say that is the new anthem. The game needs this. These cats’ passion bleeds through these tracks. Mike Streezy deserves every damn ounce of recognition he gets for the work and dedication to his craft. Shit like this is what people complain they want, but won’t cop cause they don’t know him. He from the south, he white, wha wha wha! Get on the bandwagon while you got a little room. 5000

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