3threat Media’s Personal 2009 In Review

2009….damn what a year and on first look, for all the wrong reasons! It was certainly a year of struggles and obstacles but rather than highlighting the negative it would surely be more beneficial to highlight the positives that arose from said difficulties. 2009 was the year I realised that with a little belief, determination and confidence I really could stand on my own two feet and create my own opportunities. No matter how rough the road to that discovery was it was a road worth travelling, even if most of it was on crutches!

Perhaps most importantly, 2009 was also the year I realised that even a blood clot couldn’t stop me. A few inches higher up and that really could have been game over but for some reason thankfully it was not! The whole experience certainly provided both a personal and professional wake-up call. I couldn’t help thinking that next time I might not be so lucky, therefore it was time to start building a legacy. That moment marked the beginning of a much bigger professional turn-around than I could ever have imagined.

Some might call it luck, some might call it fate but I prefer to be honest and call it hard work; there was nothing easy about 2009. It was a year of many battles but it was also a year that saw many victories. Rather than looking at 2009 as a bad year, I would rather consider it a prelude to 2010, which I am certain will be a year of improvement and a year of opportunity for all that wish to embrace it. This year taught me that I still had a long way to go and so much to learn and 2010 will hopefully see me making these improvements and continuing to develop my work.

There were many people who made all the victories in 2009 possible and they also deserve the support and belief that they showed me throughout what proved to be a very difficult year. I would like to extend a heart-felt and well-deserved thank you to a number of people and offer them my full support for the New Year:

I would like to extend a huge thank you to my friend and (extremely understanding) Allhiphop.com editor Chuck Creekmur for giving me the opportunity to do some great interviews and develop my skills further this year. I also assure you that meeting deadlines better is certainly my main New Year’s Resolution! (One on the way very soon too I promise).

The team over at Tapwire Magazine, especially Fathom, Syncere and B, who have frequently put up with my crazy creative visions and helped make them possible. I especially appreciate the many opportunities you have given me to push my creativity to the limits and develop my style. I also appreciate the advice and support you have given throughout the toughest part of this year.

I would also like to thanks all the wonderful and incredibly talented artists that I have had the pleasure of working with throughout this year. 2009 has been a year of some great interviews and hopefully 2010 will be the year of even better ones! I look forward to working with you all again in the near future.

I have to extend an extra special shout out to Chino XL for always taking the time out to encourage me in the rehabilitation of my foot regardless of how busy he is. I also have to thank Raekwon for an amazing interview and reminding me of exactly why I stupidly continue do this job even when the doctor tells me I really should take a break! Mike Streezy, I have thank you for constantly reminding me of just how much hard work and taking the time to study and perfect your craft can pay off and Slickmouth for giving me hope for the UK scene! Derty Harry, I want to thank you for an amazing interview and for making me laugh harder than I have in a long time. I think a huge thank you is also in order for La Familia Ent and DJ Mr President for their continued support, outstanding professionalism and for being great role models from the next Hip Hop Generation. There are a huge number of talented artists out there that deserve your support and recognition, as music truly is the soundtrack to our lives and without it I firmly believe that this world would be a much worse place to live.

Finally I would like to thank my wonderful friends, who have helped deal with the highs and lows and never failed to believe in my abilities and potential, even in the times when I have doubted them myself. Without you there would have been absolutely no way I would have got through of 2009 still standing and I doubt I would have had the courage to go for some of the amazing projects that I have lined up in 2010!

Whilst the fourth quarter has been relatively quiet for a number of reasons (mostly health-related…in 2009 I also learned that eventually everything starts to take its toll if you don’t listen to your doctor and rest once in a while) I have worked hard to ensure I have laid the foundations for some great projects for 2010. There is so much more to come and I hope that some of the projects will help make an impact and open some eyes to talent and potential of the next generation.

I would like to wish you all every success and happiness in 2010; it’s going to be a great year!

3TM’s Full Hip Hop Year in review is COMING SOON!