Urban Beauty – London Architecture (Canary Wharf)

Canary Wharf - Urban Jungle (Photo: H. O'Connor)

I guess you could say architecture has always inspired me to a certain degree, although it took a long to to appreciate that some of the best modern architecture actually lay on my doorstep. London is home to a wealth of architectural beauty but there is something particularly inspiring about the Canary Wharf business district, especially as a young business-woman.

Every inch the urban jungle, Canary Wharf plays host to not only cut-throat business but also a vibrant and diverse population of young urban executives – the next generation so to speak. The bold glass structures of One Canada Square, 8 Canada Square (HSBC Tower) and the Citigroup Centre actually played a significant part in my own desire to start a business or a legacy of my own.

Walking through the towering buildings, you can’t help but feel somewhat in awe of their striking beauty and therefore feel the urge to build something equally remarkable (be it a business or creative masterwork). Built on the site of the old West India docks, Canary Wharf represents the transition from the past generation of business to the future and demonstrates literally that the sky really is the limit when it comes to building a legacy.

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