Slickmouth ‘Travelling Star’ Mixtape Review

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Try as you may, there is little point in trying to categorise Slickmouth as anything other than an artist. Period. Having pretty much lived a life in constant transition, he will only transgress any musical boundaries that you attempt to confine him too. His eclectic Travelling Star mixtape draws on a number of musical styles and elements and as expected he is lyrically and rhythmically on point throughout.

Particularly notable tracks include The Becoming, which satirically outlines the industry’s need to label artists whilst highlighting his own musical rebellion and the infectious introduction Beautiful Music, which serves as Slick’s musical manifesto for the soulful delights that follow.

Whilst the mixtape as a whole is a strong release, the true gem on the tracklist is the beautifully blunt and nostalgic joint Uninspired, which explores the ongoing conflict between the creative process and industry expectations. The reflective track provides an insight into Slick’s artistic vulnerability and disheartenment with the urban music scene, although he concludes on a positive note stating that true inspiration comes partly from studying the legendry artists of the past and ‘real lives.’

With this release Slick provides some real music of substance, which is a rare treasure in the majority of urban albums today, let alone mixtapes. A great introduction to Slickmouth’s talents, Travelling Star is certainly the perfect prelude to a very promising album indeed.

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3threat rating: 4.5/5 (Because no release is perfect but as far as mixtapes go, this is about as close as you will get).