Wyclef: Leading The Revolution

Just as his Toussaint L’ouverture lead the Haitian Revolution, Wyclef Jean has returned to his Hip-Hop roots with his latest EP From The Hut, From The Projects, To The Mansion to spark a musical revolution. Despite never really having left the public eye, the pioneering musician felt it was necessary to return to rhyming under an alias to reflect his current revolutionary mindframe. Introducing Toussaint St. Jean, but this does not mark an exit for Wyclef Jean, but rather a new chapter in his already fascinating story.

“Revolution is in my bloodline,” he says, before explaining how Toussaint was one of the key figures in the Revolution for Haiti. “So with the tone of the message that I would be giving when I rapped, the name automatically came to me,” he elaborates. “The EP goes back to the essence. It was important to go back to the basics and the fundamentals, because sometimes you get so big that people forget where you come from,” he adds. “I wanted people to understand that I have not forgotten Hip-Hop. I’ve not forgotten lyrics; that is very important in what I do.”

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