Catskill: Kanye (Controversial New Track)

Hate it or Love it…there’s no ignoring this track by one of Hip Hop’s best kept secrets! Catskill is perhaps the most outrageous MC I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with and all (somewhat inappropriate) jokes aside, he’s a real wordsmith.

The track itself is an extremely blunt critique of popular Hip Hop culture, focusing predominently on Mr. West. Contrary to popular belief, Catskill has no problem with the superstar, stating ‘I think he’s a genius but when I think it comes down to being in society, he needs to calm the f**k down!’

Acknowledging the need to be humble despite the required level of ego to succeed in this industry, Catskill admits that it’s all about a balance of the two. Still he explains that having success is often due to ‘having that passion’ and ‘that energy,’ although unlike Kanye he says ‘you have to keep it in check a little bit.’

Whilst the song may just be the most inappropriate and offensive tracks you’ll hear this year, it is also extremely well-written and explictly condemns many of the evils within the industry today. Whether or not you agree with his method, by addressing these issues Catskill has shown real balls and personally I believe it’s only a matter of time before the industry stands up and acknowledges this talented and extremely unconventional MC.

Catskill is currently one of the top artists on Akon’s Hitlab, if you wish to see more from him then go to and vote for him.