3TM Featured Artist November 2009: DJ Mr President


Prez's Groundbreaking Roc Raida Tribute Flyer

DJ Mr President is a 3threat!

Having spent the best part of two decades perfecting the art of DJing and working with some of the biggest names in Hip Hop, it would be unfair to describe New York native DJ Mr President as anything other than a true artist and hip hop scholar. Prez has a genuine passion for Hip Hop culture and has developed his own unique style by closely studying pioneering contributors to the genre.

Versatile, focused and experienced, DJ Mr President is a rare breed in the urban music today. Working hard to promote lyrical and reflective Hip Hop with his mixtapes and diverse range of other projects, Prez is a shining example of exactly what the culture is lacking.

Demonstrating his characteristic passion and determination, upon hearing about the death of Roc Raida, last month Prez embarked on a groundbreaking tribute. In a selfless and humbling act of respect, the veteran turntablist decided to man the decks for no less than 24 hours non-stop in memory of the pioneering DJ. He also streamed the entire event live online so Roc Raida fans could tune in and join the tribute.

Like his current namesake, Prez’s charisma and determination are unmatched by his peers. In short, what Obama is to Politics, DJ Mr President is to Hip Hop culture, providing a much-needed hope for change within the genre. Many young DJs could stand to learn an awful lot from Prez’s unrivaled passion for turntablism, humble outlook and his outstanding contribution to our genre.

For more information about DJ Mr President and his work, just go to www.djmrpresident.com or follow him on Twitter (@DJMRPRESIDENT).

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  1. I’ve had the pleasure of working side by side with DJ Mr. President for many years. Aside from the fact that up & coming DJs can learn from his work ethic, more importantly, the morals he stands by as a DJ and the respect he has for his craft cannot be matched. He takes what he does very serious, and its evident in every project or endeavor he takes on.

    -Shout to 3 Threat Media for recognizing his comittment.

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