Hip Hop Horror: Exploring the Dark Side of Rap Lyrics

Halloween is such a cliche these days, so in honour of voodoo occasion Fet Gede (or ‘The Day of The Dead’ in English) I chose today to explore the horror in hip hop and the darker side of rap lyrics.

baron samedi

Fet Gede (Baron Samedi)

Hip Hop has always had a darker side and many are quick to write it off as completely negative, but is that interpretation of the genre’s darker lyrics at all justified?

Ironically some of Hip Hop’s darkest lyrics actually tend to be the most poetic or well-crafted. Many of the genre’s most skilled lyricists tend to gravitate to darker subject matter. Unfortunately it is often the works of such artists that cause the most controversy within the mainstream media, therefore attracting the most condemnation….

Hip Hop Horror

Hip Hop Horror: Exploring the Darker Side of Rap Lyrcs

This is only an extract, please read and comment on the full article on Suite 101.

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