Juvenile: Life After The Storm

Juvenile Interview

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On August 29th 2005 Hurricane Katrina shook New Orleans to its very core, leaving only a trail of death and destruction. Over 1,800 people tragically lost their lives during or after the storm and thousands more were displaced from their homes. Discontent with the government’s response was widespread and many were left feeling as if the administration had failed them completely. At times it seemed as if it was only the representatives of the Hip-Hop community that were willing to stand up and provide a voice for the victims of Katrina.

Juvenile, a former Cash Money Millionaire, was one of the artists in question and, who even decided to film the satirical video for his post-Katrina political critique Get Ya Hustle On in the hurricane-torn Ninth Ward.

He lost both his houses and all of his possessions during the floods, Juvenile’s last album expressed the pain felt by his whole community following the disaster. “When I did Reality Check, it was at a point in my life where I was kind of mourning Katrina, being that I am from New Orleans,” he recalls emotionally. “We went through so much down there in our city.” He explained that the whole experience left a dark shadow over his life and his work but that the project provided exactly what he promised on the cover, “a reality check not only for [him] but for everybody else in [his] city.” Although he is quick to point out that, like the people of New Orleans, he is hoping to move forward, stating “I’m not saying that my album was a mistake and it didn’t do good, I just don’t want to mourn anymore.”

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Rival Hip Hop news site SOHH even chose to quote from my interview in a recent article:

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