Death Row Star Dannyboy’s Time To Shine

Danny Boy


For any Death Row fan, the question of what happened to Dannyboy usually springs to mind when listening back to his classic collaborations recorded on the iconic label. Well the talented singer is currently working closely with new WIDEawake Death Row boss to finally get some of his music released.

BET Hip Hop Awards 2009 Red Carpet

BET Hip Hop Awards 2009 Red Carpet

It is great to see Ms Lavi, who has focused her efforts on building up solid relationships with many of the former Death Row artists, show such committment to Dannyboy’s career and finally give him a chance to walk in the spotlight by inviting him to the BET Hip Hop Awards 2009.

WIDEawake Death Row CEO Lara Lavi & Danny Boy

WIDEawake Death Row CEO Lara Lavi & Dannyboy

Some of Dannyboy’s as of yet unreleased material will be included in the Death Row boxset, which is scheduled for release in November.

Look out for Info’s interview with Dannyboy COMING SOON!


  1. Glad tha DB is finally getting his chance to shine. Dude got vocal skills, suge is a dick head!!!!!

    • Im feelin’ so sad about DB , Suge is a bitch :@ he had to release DB’s albums , but he didn’t ! sorry for the B word !

  2. That my daddy on deck, i love you , and i know you will make it and shine

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