Snick AKA B.A.M.N – Stroll Thru My City Block…

Snick aka B.A.M.N at his Diddy Boy Video Shoot

A deep-seeded passion for Hip Hop is something that Missouri rapper Snick aka B.A.M.N. has always had within him. As if written into his DNA, music flows through veins and manifests itself in his signature smooth flow. Having realised his true calling in his early teens, Snick has been perfecting his craft for close to a decade and with noteworthy results.

Snick’s mixtape series comprising of Oh Yea: Vol.1, Vol. 2 “Boo-Yao” and Vol. 3 “Bad Ass M************ N****” has proved one of the most popular in Missouri, featuring some classic Southern gems. Following to the success of some of his anthems from the series, he has enjoyed considerable support and airplay from some of the hottest radio stations in the state, including 100.3 The Beat.

His infectious street anthem Diddy Bop is not only one of the hottest street singles in Missouri but is also attracting attention on a worldwide scale due to its video, that has achieved in excess of 12,000 views on its various platforms. The video also featured cameo appearances from former NFL Runningback Jason Brookins and NBA veteran Tyronn Lue. Having only dropped last month, the single, which was produced by M. Reese Productions, is already causing quite a stir.

Never one to lay dormant for too long, Snick is currently working on two singles, Sweat Shop and If You Want It and of course their videos, which are expected to surface in 2010. He is also working on an innovative Hip Hop DVD Magazine project called Freaky Tailz alongside Bigg Regg Profit and Rico045 Productions. In addition to this interesting project, he is also currently contributing to Bigg Regg’s forthcoming mixtape and performing constantly in both St. Louis and Kansas City.

With the ability to apply his skills to a range of different musical styles, from club bangers to reflective lyrical material, Snick is a true triple threat in this industry. It is only a matter of time before industry professionals begin to take note but until then he intends to continue his ‘independent grind.’

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  1. Hello, I am Legion-Q, the producer for Freak Nation Ent. I am also the producer of the upcoming projects “If you want it” and “Sweat shop”. Check us out, we are not beginners at this here. You gotta catch the upcoming projects from F.N.E. This is some hot material about to emerge. So, you can sleep on it or ride with it. Snick is hot!!!!!

  2. NICE write UP fam!!!!!

  3. I am loving the article. I know you have been working really hard and it will pay off for you soon. You are one hell of an artist, keep it coming!

  4. This was HOT!!! Very nicely written article and great entertainment piece-I wish you nothing but success….

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