RIDDIM Clash 2009 Review

RIDDIM Clash 2009 was certainly a soundclash of many surprises. The Massive annual clash promised a great line up, the biggest sounds and the hottest riddims; for the most part it delivered.

Firstly came the unfortunate news that the Jamaican contender Black Kat was stranded in Japan courtesy of British Airways due to issues with paperwork.

With one less sound crew, the clash proceeded with some fairly strong competition aside from the Kenyan sound ShaShaMane, who were promising but failed to connect with the crowd.

ShaShaMane were unsurprisingly the first to be eliminated despite giving a better performance in round 2. The next crew to be eliminated were Dee Buzz, who failed to keep up with the sounds of the reigning champions Civalizee and the experienced American sound from Poison Dart.

Some may call it luck and some perhaps destiny, but after a relatively weak performance in the first few rounds the Berlin crew City Lock managed to gain an extra place in the final round. The previously uncomfortable crew gained the audience’s attention with a set of well-received hip hop/dancehall dubs.

Throughout the clash Civalizee and Poison Dart stood out as the clear contendeners, with the defending champions radiating energy and Poison Dart oozing charisma. After capturing the imagination of the crowd, unlikely victors City Lock took home the trophy.

It must be said that despite some poor choices in the final round, it was Poison Dart that really stood out as the top sound. The performances were always energetic, captivating and extremely charismatic. With the image, the personality and the sounds to match, the Poison Dart experience is really worthwhile.

That being said, congratulations to City Lock, the RIDDIM Clash 2009 champions and to Poison Dart, I sincerely hope to see you next year!