Pro-Verb’s Lyrical Workout Plan

the workout crackedout

In the eyes of many Hip Hop is getting rather out of shape, but instead of staring into the mirror and grabbing hold of some lyrical flab, rapper Pro-Verb decided to whip it back into shape with his epic track The Workout.

Looking to fill the position of Hip Hop’s personal trainer, West Coast MC Pro-Verb provides no less than 20 minutes of pure lyrical heat complimented by production from a.Fam super producer Focus… What separates The Workout from other Hip Hop epics is the distinct lack of repetition and poetic padding that was rife in The Game’s Bars efforts for example. In fact the only use of repetition in the entire song is his call to action for lyrically unfit.

Claming that he is ‘in it for the long haul,’ Verb maintains his extraordinarily high standard throughout the 20 minute joint, which is an impressive feat even for the most experienced MC. Producer Focus…, who has worked closely with the likes of The Game, Dr Dre and Chino XL, is equally as on point, only fuelling Verb’s energy further.

Displaying a sharp wit and an even sharper flow, Verb proudly mentions he ‘don’t namedrop’ and he ‘don’t know Big’ and ‘can’t claim Pac,’ highlighting his lack of embellishment but maintaining just enough creative license. After all, it is important to have a balanced workout.

Hotter than a summer day in Lucifer’s back yard, The Workout puts many artists to shame when it comes to lyrical quality and rhythmic accuracy. So rather than complain about the state of the genre, I strongly suggest that other rappers start lifting some lyrical weights and follow Pro-Verb’s example.

The Workout (full version) is available for download from

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  1. dont mind the website, it’s not up yet…i mean it is, but it’s not ready….lol!!! but man, thank you for the write up…i’m sassified wit it. now that that’s done, time to get ready for the season. you feel me??? love it. thanx again famo. the best part about it is….IT’S ALL THE F*CKIN’ TRUTH!!! ha ha ha!!! love…

    Heat Rox Ent./a.Fam Ent., Inc.

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