Respect in Hip Hop Culture: Art Versus Ego

Suite 101 - Respect In Hip Hop Culture

Suite 101 - Respect In Hip Hop Culture

Rappers are often synonymous with over-sized egos and bad behaviour, which seems so distanced from the forward-thinking and empowering movement that has influenced their music. Hip Hop as a genre has evolved greatly since its birth in the late 1970s, although sadly it seems that the culture is yet to mature

Humble, respectful and focused, are unfortunately terms rarely used to describe the majority of rappers in the public eye. Is it any wonder, after watching Kanye West’s latest outburst at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, that Hip Hop has such a poor reputation in not only the media but popular culture as a whole? For all of the complaints that the music world does not take Hip Hop seriously as a genre, there are far more arguments for these preconceptions. Between legal trouble and constant displays of violence and disrespect in public, rappers are frequently tarnishing the reputation of Hip Hop as a culture….

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