Soulja Boy & Kanye West Team Up

Despite the endless criticism from the hip hop community, Kanye West has always been a big supporter of teen superstar Soulja Boy. In fact, the young rapper revealed that he was currently working on Kanye’s fifth studio album.

Soulja Boy, who rose to international fame with the success of his debut single ‘Crank Dat,’ explained that he was ‘remixing a couple of records for’ Kanye. He then continued to explain that the super producer would be contributing to his latest project ‘The DeAndre Way.’

He then suggested that there was a mutual respect between the two artists, stating ‘We working together on production because he make beats and I make beats.’

Kanye has also in past showed a lot of respect for the young rapper’s work ethic, especially after the criticism from veteran rapper Ice-T. Shortly after the infamous insult, Kanye was quick to defend Soulja Boy, explaining that he is ‘fresh as hell and is actually the true meaning of what hip hop is supposed to be,’ before posing the question, ‘if that ain’t hip hop, then what is?’

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