Lara Lavi: Death Row Records’ New CEO

death row diary cover

Since the original Hip-Hop powerhouse Death Row Records was acquired by WIDEawake Entertainment for $18 Million in January 2009, both fans and critics of the iconic label have speculated about its future. Questions have arisen about not only the marketability, but also the purity and relevancy of a ‘new’ Death Row brand. With managing partner Lara Lavi at the helm, steering Death Row into the digital age, should a renaissance be expected? Owing to a new warden focused on improving the relationship with former inmates and renovating the brand, the Second Coming of Death Row is imminent.

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Oh and by the way the photo at the top of the page is Lara Lavi…not me (for those who have asked).

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  1. I wish u were the owner 12 yrs. ago because, we would probably have all those guys still together making good music and especialy we wouldn’t have some innocent lives taken to Suge Knights controll problem. If your talking the talk, than I’m with u, that’s how I wanted Afeni to do, put the music out like 2Pac wrote it. If he was beefing with somebody, they probably deserved it. I’ve heard some songs on the net, where he’s talking about LL Cool J and some other artists. What about the songs that were on the net when he died, I believe that the cd was called “Lost Verses”. I’m glad there’s a CEO that believes in doing the right thing. I hope Death Row can return to the Dominate Force it was in the past. Please don’t go out and sign artist that sound like the former artists like Suge did, just to keep trying to make a buck. He really had alot of people fooled with that, making people think Pac wasn’t dead. I hope u are true to the game.

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