Omarion Clarifies Young Money Situation

After Mack Maine released a statement about R&B singer Omarion’s release from the label Young Money, the hip hop community was lead to believe that the former B2K singer was fired following the unauthorised leak of a collaboration between him and Lil Wayne. Omarion yesterday released a written statement to (conicidently, the new home of Info) in an attempt to clarify the situation, claiming he has “a lot of respect and admiration for the genius of Lil ‘Wayne and the entire Young Money family.”

The singer then denied reports from the Young Money camp, stating that he had in fact actually asked Weezy to be released:

“I asked to be released from the label to pursue other opportunities that were recently presented to me. Because of our relationship, Lil’ Wayne had no issue with us ending our business relationship and released me from the label. Lil’ Wayne and I have nothing but love for each other, there is no Beef.”

He then downplayed rumours that he had leaked the collaboration “I Get It In” online, as was suggested by Mack Maine:

“I also wanted to make it clear that my company nor did I, leak the song, “I Get It In” and I want to dispel any rumors that have surfaced. I appreciate my relationship with Young Money/ Cash Money and look forward to doing business in the future.”

Omarion is expected to announce his new home in the near future. He is currently working on his next studio project, which is now reportedly due to be named ‘Ollusion.’ Interestingly, the Omarion feature on former Young Money labelmate Drake’s ‘So Far Gone’ mixtape has been cut from the re-release, although perhaps it is best to not read too much into this, as the tape’s tracklist has been cut down from 17 to 7 tracks.

Does Jay-Z’s Video Run This Town?

Jay-Z’s latest video for the second single from ‘Blueprint 3’ has premiered on MTV today. ‘Run This Town,’ which features Kanye West and Rihanna, is certainly a statement from President Carter, who is asking fans to ‘pledge allegiance to Roc Nation.’

Whilst the video is hardly groundbreaking, the use of pyrotechnics and edgy attire ensures that much like the song it is a statement to thehip hop world; 3 of the biggest figures in urban music saying ‘we’re here and we run this!’  The video certainly captures the essence of the track and frankly its nice to see a hip hop video that doesn’t rely soley on scantily-clad women and supercars, although the amount of symbolism may end up reigniting the Illuminati in Hip Hop conspiracy talk!

SO does Jay-Z Run This Town? Well, that is surely a question that is best left until ‘Blueprint 3’ drops next month.

run this town