Career Clots

You’re just recovering rapidly from a surgery, when totally out of the blue, a blood clot appears and slows your progress right down. Imagine that! Well, I actually don’t have to (in fact I write this from my BlackBerry in my temporary hospital ward office). Rather than laying there, embracing the negativity and vulnerability, it was necessary to consider the positives of the situation.

After all, when you think about it, clots appear all the time in our lives, especially in our careers. They develop in all sorts of areas and vary widely in severity. One day everything is flowing nicely and then suddenly the proverbial spanner is thrown in the works, which instantly grinds everything to a halt. These clots can seem so overwhelming and difficult to overcome. Looking back at a perfectly healthy career after a clot develops, it really can seem like game over.

These career clots, however, can also be a positive development. It allows you to return to the basics and inject some new material and renewed interest into the system. Career clots are just as easy to disperse as actual blood clots, as unnerving as both can be initially. Just sit back, take time to analyse the situation and recognise the positives.

Firstly, the extra time out from your usual routine will allow you to strengthen ties with contacts and colleagues and most importantly, clear your inbox! Secondly, the time that would usually be used for working can be used to develop your skills and industry awareness. It is never a bad thing to read up on the business and update yourself on the latest news. It is also worthwhile looking back at your previous work and taking note of any areas to improve.

Finally, overcoming any obstacle is just like tackling a blood clot. After fighting against the unknown and rising above the pain to succeed, you will know in your mind that you can overcome anything. So instead of letting a clot put a stop to your career, disperse it…and in 3 to 6 months you should be able to fly again.


  1. Nicely said Han. Hope the NHS Toast is treating you well.

  2. Your right on point here! It seems like they should cut my careers leg off with how many clots I’ve gone through in the last 9 years! It can only make you stronger and sometimes we have to see it as God slowing us down so we can fix what we’ve been moving too fast to take care of! Nice blog.

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