Joe Budden: Escape Route Needed!

Despite clashing with the release of Slaughterhouse’s debut album, Joe Budden will drop his album ‘Escape Route’ tomorrow (August 11th 2009). The project will only be available in digital format and will serve as a precursor to his next solo project ‘The Great Escape.’

The rapper explained that the album is “filled with the lyricism and passion that Joe Budden fans have come to love.” ‘Escape Route’ will feature the likes of Wale, Young Chris and Slaughterhouse, alongside production from Just Blaze, 9th Wonder, J. Cardim, Streetrunner and Chad West.

In related news, Budden could have used an Escape Route when he was punched by an affiliate of the Wu-Tang rapper Raekwon backstage on Saturday at Rock The Bells. Raekwon has since apologised for the incident, stating  “On my children nobody was supposed to get touched.” Budden and Rae were talking backstage before the situation took a violent turn. Shortly after, Budden explained via a BlogTV broadcast that he was “alright,” whilst holding an ice pack to his face.




UPDATE: In a video blog from San Diego today, Budden challenged Raekwon to a one-on-one fight, claiming that the Rock The Bells incident caught him in ‘a compromised situation.’ The rapper explained that the ‘playing field levelled out within the hour’ because they ‘were in LA,’ the home of his good friend Crooked I, stating that ‘it wasn’t six on one anymore.’  He then continued to challenge Raekwon, saying that the only resolution was ‘a squaredance.’ Budden then confirmed that Rae declined his offer, before mocking his age and weight. He then called for fans to ‘urge’ Rae to fight. 


‘Escape Route’ can be bought online from

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