Respect the Game

What is the meaning of the word respect? It is a word that is frequently used and even more frequently misused in the urban music world. Respect is something that everybody wants but nobody wants to work for.

In this industry not a day goes by when you don’t receive countless demands for respect; be it due to the amount of online interest, ‘undeniable swag’ or any other number of reasons, it often has the opposite effect. What many artists and even more of my own counterparts do not realise, is that true respect comes from respecting others.

Frankly, respect does not come from Facebook friends and Twitter followers; it comes from building and nurturing strong, loyal working relationships and even friendships with contacts and peers.  It certainly doesn’t stem from having the biggest ego or the biggest mouth, after all if you really are that great then people will respect you anyway regardless of how much self-promotion is involved.  Finally the most important rule in winning respect is to respect the game itself. There is no substitute for hard work, loyalty and determination in this industry. Put simply, respect must be earned not won…so don’t try to fight for it; respect others and they will respect you.


There are a number of people that I would love to thank and give a large amount of respect to, especially including Rell Fury, Dustorm, Mike Streezy, Pro-verb, and The Redland amongst others. These artists have not only earned my respect after working incredibly hard to perfect their craft but also are very deserving of success; a lot could be learned from these guys.

Brisco Robbed at Barbershop

Rapper Brisco has confirmed that he was in fact robbed at a barber shop last week, although he denies that he was pistol-whipped by the suspects.  According to the Miami Herald, the robbers took over $1000 in cash, a Louis Vuitton wallet and a diamond-studded gold watch and bracelet. The suspect apparently also stole Brisco’s Range Rover but then abandoned the vehicle not far from the crime scene. 

The artist spoke to local reporters, stating “I’m still alive, you know that street medicine is going to be good. I’m still good. I’ll get bigger jewelry and still go hard. It’s great material for my next album.”

The Miami newspaper then gave a description of the suspects:

“A man with full-sleeve tattoos on both forearms, wearing a red shirt and blue jean shorts, a baseball hat and Timberland boots; a man in a long, white T-shirt, gray sweat shorts and a baseball hat; a man with a beard, wearing a white T-shirt, black pants, a black hat, white sneakers, striped black-and-white boxers; and a heavy set man in a black shirt, black hat, black pants and black sneakers.”

Whilst I do feel for Brisco, I can’t help but think that carrying over $1,000 in cash and flaunting expensive jewellery during a recession is surely asking for trouble!