Drake Injures Knee (AGAIN) Onstage

I had to comment on this one right before I go in for foot surgery myself. Hip Hop’s rising star Drake has once again injured his knee after falling onstage at a concert in New Jersey. The Toronto rapper has had previous problems with his leg, since reportedly tearing his ACL earlier this year; as a result he had to be seated during his performance at the 2009 BET Awards.

Lil Wayne, who was onstage with Drake at the time of the mishap, joked with the audience, ‘I’ma have to get some extra insurance for this n*gga, man!’ After being carried off stage, it’s safe to say interest in Drake is unlikely to fall (no pun intended). I would like to wish him well, as I for one know that ligament injuries can really hinder a career in this industry!



Video: Drake Video Vault


  1. Im sorry but that was hilarious! lol! Raaaah he looked like he was trying to take off!

  2. Man! He was just about to get to hoppin along and BAM!!! Hope he can recover soon. Ijust heard he did the Toronto show so thats cool! I wanna say this too, it’s great that a nice guy is gettin some spotlight lately in hip hop. There should be more of that. Aint nothin wrong with bein a decent person and havin some skill on tha mic. Everybody aint gotta be a murderin drug abusin wannabe gangsta with a limited vocabulary! Keep the great blogs comin!

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