Joe Jackson Addresses Rumours of Foul Play

Joe Jackson addressed his son’s death and the rumours surrounding it in a recent CNN interview with Larry King. The infamously unemotional character behind the Jackson 5 spoke of how both he and his family were finding it hard to cope with the loss. He also claimed to ‘not know’ the location of his son’s body, preferring to remember him ‘alive.’

Many have criticised Joe Jackson for attempting to monopolise on the publicity surrounding his son’s death. Jackson was condemned for attempting to promote business matters at such a time. It has been rumoured that Jackson had hoped to form a musical group with Michael’s children, which he has strongly denied in this interview.

Michael died four weeks ago following a supposed cardiac arrest. It is rumoured, however, that there may have been some foul play involved in his tragic demise. In the same Larry King interview, concert promoter Leonard Rowe addressed the ‘suspicous activity’ of Michael’s final days, blaming promoters AEG for a number of factors. He also mentioned the doctor’s role in his death, suggesting that he fed Michael’s drug addictions. Jackson was also quick to reference the role of Michael’s doctor, simply stating ‘something went wrong.’

Jackson also denied rumours that he harmed Michael in his younger days, stating that is a ‘bunch of Bull S.’ He also explained that he was unable to get through to his son for a number of reasons in the time leading up to his death.

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  1. Clearly, the man is incapable of telling the truth about even the simplest thing. He says that he and his wife are not separated, yet they live in different cities. He says that he didn’t abuse Michael, yet three of his children have stated publicly that he beat them. This is a guy who wants to be perceived as a shady character who is dangerous. During his interview with King, he glared at the camera after King pushed him for answers. Somebody needs to tell him that he should take the hat off. It’s OK to go bald, Joe. You’re old.

  2. Im no longer a fan of Larry King. He kept cutting off Joe and Leonard Rowe; suppressing their side of the story. Total disrespect to them & Michael. I will try to never watch his show again or support Larry King in any way.

    • I was really hoping Joe would show some kind of emotion in the passing of his son. I too have lost a son and NO WAY could I have spoken of my son, especially the way he did and at this time. I DO believe Joe beat Michael while he was growing up and the only other thing I can say is Michael should not be dead! Still just can’t believe it.

  3. In that interview, Joe was what is routinely called a “hostile witness”. Larry King knew that Joe was going to deny he ever abused Michael or any of the other kids, so he pressed Jackson and wouldn’t let him dictate the pace or content of the interview. Jackson wanted to make a speech about what a great father he was and, to his credit, King wouldn’t permit it. And that guy Rowe was angry before he was ever asked a single question. These guys know that they’re under the media microscope because they both want a piece of Michael Jackson’s estate. Personally, I was upset that King gave either of them any time to speak at all.

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