Hip Hop vs Spirituality

I am currently researching a feature article on spirituality in hip hop and if religion and rap may coexist without compromise.  Issues I am dealing with (respectfully) include alleged Satanism, Occult and Freemason influences in the genre, juxtaposed with the Christian influences in hip hop.  Artists that will be researched include primarily Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, 2pac, Kanye West, Diddy, Nas and a number of others.

I would appreciate if you could provide any insights or thoughts on the subject, which is a controversial one.  Either drop some knowledge in the comments below or email me direct hanoconnor@3threatmedia.com.  This will be a long, ongoing project but should help to really shed some light on the subject. I’m hoping to publish the project in a major publication and therefore any feedback and comments on the idea will be a great help.


  1. Go to Tex Mars website and see what he has on the music of today and that includes CCM and the others. Also go to Jesus Is Saviour website and see his research on all of this music.

  2. Off the dome I would say no. No co-existence because Hip Hop is a in itself a rebellious genre of music. With its excessiveness, whether it be money, sex, or power, it couldn’t go with any form of religion that I know of. Hip Hop would have to change its pattern in order to fall in line with religion. G.Craig Lewis, not to be confused with the Craig Lewis Band, has some very strong opinions on the culture of Hip Hop. Yet artists such as the Cross Carrier, Juggernaut, and The Cross Movement give honor and glory To The Most High in the form of rap. In the end God wins regardless and the names of today from Hov on down would have to concede that fact in order for the two to co-exist.

    • I disagree and say yes. We mustn’t forget that our God or The God of the bible used, Liars, murders, unbelievers, pagans,adulterers,men, women, children, donkey, persecutors of the church etc. to get His devine message across. I find it funny that you could actually most groups like cross movement and lucrae…just to name a few,uplift the name of Jesus more then most spiritual gospel artist. Plus, orginal hip-hop wasn’t about womanizing, money, drugs and other sub-culture activities.

      Thank you,

      • I didn’t say that those artists or any artists or genre shines on the Gospel any more than the next. What I did say was that in order for it to coexist in today’s society, on a grand level, the promoted subject matter would have to change. Name a gospel artist, whether traditional, contemporary, hip hop, country or whatever, that is outselling say a Lil Wayne or Kanye West. The original Hip Hop ‘format’ is closer to whats on the radio now than it was during the “Golden Era”, the late 80’s early 90’s. Nowadays its all about the party just like it was on the corner of Sedgwick and Cedar in 73. During the time just mentioned would have been an opportune time for the message of Jesus to put out there. Think P.E., Ice Cube, BDP, Brand Nubians, Poor Righteous Teachers, Paris, etc etc etc. Not that anytime is better than the other for the message of The Lord. But we talking hip hop. No disrespect to any other style of Gospel. 5000

  3. Here is a clip of G.Craig Lewis from his from his documentary,The Truth Behind Hip Hop. He was allegedly playing Hov’s Lucifer, the remix by Danger Mouse, backwards. Kinda disturbing actually, but you judge it for yourself. 5000

  4. okay, the title Spirituality vs. religion seem different from the comments about religion and hip-hop. Versus to me means they are at odds and spirituality isnt at odds with anything or one. i know that sounds esoteric but oh well. it is what it is. Hip-hop in its best form embodies all the contradiction that is us. By us i mean humans. And spirituality/consciousness/God has no opposite it is the ulitmate ‘Omni” all encompassing. Tupac of course is the greatest example of all. Spirituality is about ascention and sometimes to ascend one must first go down to the pits. And possibly thats where hi-hop is in some respect. But I feel it cannot be judged solely on its current position alone. To be fair and accurate it must be deposited in to the whole of our current culture today as it is its mos accurate messenger dont you think. To compare spirituality and rap music is to compare spirituality to us politics, or the school system or our health care system. Spirit is constantly finding ways to express itself in its own way and can not be accurately judged or even compared. The music is expressing the journey. Kanye is perfect example. His brually honest expression, even his MTV rant is spirit expressing itself – not to us but to him to bring evidence of the pain hes in internally. That’s what I think is so perfect about him being on the public stage, hes just reflecting all of us he just has more money.

    Now if you wanna talk religion, and the current state of the music industry thats a seperate topic all together. As someone who grew up immersed in the Pentacostal religion. And someone who grew up on original hip-hop. I believe i have a firm grasp on both topics and ima tell you theres no conflict there either. Because when it comes down to it they both go to the highest bidder. Organized religion is practically an organization built on money and ego. Much like that of music. What I love about todays music is there’s no shame about it. It is what it is. While churches are hiding behind the bible and individuals ignorance and mass consciousness. They should take a page from the book of Lil Wayne and liberate themselves and allow their congregation to do the same.

    So im not sure which conversation you are trying to have but they are not the same. And i know i sound a lil edgded up but these are two of my favorite topics.

    Cant wait to see what you come up with and stop by my wordpress blog @ GodLovesStilettos if you feel so inclined. 😉

    • Well to be honest the piece has actually evolved greatly from the original concept post! I am aware of the difference between the two but it was actuall originally more an exploration of the internal conflicts (hence the VS) faced by artists with teh incongruency of most Hip Hop lyrics with their spiritual beliefs….then it kind of turn into more about religion and cults and now it’s been side-tracked temporarily whileI decide which angle would be better. It was great to read your insightful comments though, so thank you for that.


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