The Redland: Time for a Revolution!

Time for a Revolution!

The Redland  

Interview: Han ‘Info.’ O’Connor

It is not often that as a track is fading out, you are left with only one thought: ‘WOW!’ It is even less often that one single song, after the initial shock to the system, can inspire you to seriously contemplate the world around you. The Redland’s phenomenal single ‘Epic’ has the power to do just that. Based in Atlanta, this versatile hip hop duo, comprising of Kose and Earv Legend, combine thought-provoking lyrics and high-quality beats with outstanding results. Put simply, this is that rare breed of music that touches your soul.


Info: You’ve paid your dues in the game and success hasn’t come right away; do you see this as a blessing in the longer term?

Earv: Definitely, it gave us a work ethic that I don’t think we’d have if we’d have got success right away. I think it really helped the quality of our music. We don’t take no for an answer when it comes to getting out there and the ideas we want to get to the people, so I think it’s definitely made us stronger artists.


Info: The new single ‘Epic’ contains perhaps the most revolutionary lyrics I have heard in a Hip Hop track in a long time; what inspired you to write it?

Earv: That song was actually inspired by some pretty immediate things we were seeing with the government and administration at that time. It’s also a song about struggle and overcoming adversity. We are inspired by a lot of great artists, who were on that same line, like Bob Marley, and we wanted to make a song that was our version of ‘Get Up, Stand Up’ or ‘Fight the Power.’ It’s just a timeless message and something we really believe in and a thought process that we try to adhere to ourselves.


Info: The track is quite explicitly political, that takes some balls; is there any particular reason you chose this outspoken approach to introduce your music? 

Earv: Well that’s exactly how we wanted the world to see us at first; we’re versatile artists, but we wanted people to know that we are artists first and foremost. So we didn’t want to come with the typical club single, we wanted to let people know that we have something to say. We wanted to hit ‘em over the head really hard first and let them know that we’re here.


Info: Do you feel that perhaps the situation will start to improve under the new Obama administration or is there more to it than that?

Kose: I think there’s definitely more to it than that, but I do feel that Barack is a symbol that change is possible. His being elected was a big statement and it made us think that around the world things can change. I think as long as people can be inspired, that can inspire a lot of things. He can’t do it by himself and the administration can’t do it alone, but I think the signal that it has sent out is very powerful.


Info: The Redland also seems to be all about making a statement, so can Street Cred readers expect more social and political messages in your album ‘Music Noir’?

Kose: We try to approach music in a way that is natural to us, some may not be explicitly political but it does have a message. While it may not be as poignant as ‘Epic’ is, we do make songs about righteousness, doing the right thing, pressures of living in society and all types of issues. So if you like ‘Epic,’ you’ll like the album.

Look out for the full interview coming soon to Street Cred Magazine. The Redland’s ‘Epic’ EP is now available for download from iTunes and all major download platfroms.

© Hannah O’Connor (3threat Media)

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