Tupac Resurrected Again in 2010?

After acquiring Death Row Records and their entire catalogue for c. $18million earlier this year, the next steps by Canadian entertainment giant WIDEawake Entertainment Group have been the subject of much speculation.

According to several reports Evergreen Copyrights have inked a deal with WIDEawake, allowing them to release Death Row’s material, including any unreleased tracks by artists such as the late Tupac Shakur.

WIDEawake have announced plans to re-release classic Death Row albums, like ‘The Chronic,’ as collectors’ edition box-sets in winter 2009, ready for the holiday period.  Other reported releases include a 4-disc collection of unreleased Death Row material and also a set of ‘lost’ recordings by 2pac, which is allegedly due to drop in June 2010.

The album, which is yet to be named, will reportedly be released next year to mark the anniversary of Shakur’s birthday.  Tupac Shakur, who was murdered in a Las Vegas drive-by shooting in September 1996, would have been 39 next June.

Many 2pac fans will await the release with conflicting feelings, after the disappointment of previous posthumous albums, which due to the involvement of artists hungry to collaborate with the late rap legend, have bared no resemblance to Shakur’s style.  Hopefully these so-called ‘lost’ recordings will be released as Shakur intended and will not serve to alienate his fans, unlike ‘Loyal to the Game’ or ‘Pac’s Life.’

© Hannah O’Connor (3threat Media)

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