The Chris Brown Show Must Go On…


The California Supreme Court has denied a request to delay R&B superstar Chris Brown’s preliminary hearing. The petition, which was filed by Brown’s lawyer, had previously also been denied by the appeals court.  The 20 year old singer is due to appear in court for the hearing next Monday (22nd June), where the judge will decide if there is sufficient evidence to proceed with the case.

Brown was arrested earlier this year for allegedly assaulting his then girlfriend Rihanna, after an argument between the pair escalated following a pre-Grammy party at the Beverly Hills Hotel.  Rihanna was treated for a number of injuries, allegedly including cuts, bruises and bite wounds, at the Cedars Sinai Medical Centre in Los Angeles.  There has been a significant media interest following the incident, although it would seem that the assault accusations have done Brown’s career little damage, aside from the loss of several endorsements.

Brown and Rihanna were both in attendance during the NBA Finals game 4 in Orlando last week, therefore sparking rumours of a reunion, despite the fact that they did not show up nor sit together. It is likely that Rihanna will be called on to testify during the hearing next week.


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